The Past Year 2023

1. What is the wisest decision I made last year?

Started investing small amounts in SIP

2. What is the biggest lesson I learned last year?

I am responsible for my life. If I think I have a good life, it’s because I worked hard for it, but if it’s bad then again it’s me who didn’t work enough to make it good.

No external factor can directly make my life good/bad unless I am willing to change my life.

3. What is the biggest risk I took last year?

I took many small loans without thinking much about their impact on my financials

4. What was the biggest surprise I received last year?

There was no surprise this year!

5. Which are the books I read last year?

  1. DO EPIC SHIT by Ankur Warikoo

  2. The PARA Method by Tiago Forte

  3. Bhagavad Gita As It Is

  4. GET EPIC SHIT DONE by Ankur Warikoo

6. Which was the most important thing I did for others last year?

I encouraged them to think about the meaning of their life, whether are they happy or not. I encouraged them to question why they are constantly chasing money and happiness while sacrificing their health and peace.

I encouraged them to contemplate the deeper meaning of their lives, urging them to explore spiritual dimensions.

7. Who are the three people who influenced me the most last year?

  • My friends and business partners (Tadeu and Ravi): Relationships and Growth

  • My devotee friends (Chaitanya Deva, Atmanivedana Das): Spirituality

  • Ankur Warikoo: Self-Improvement

8. What were the three great accomplishments last year?

  1. I moved to my own home

  2. I arranged a pilgrimage for my parents to the sacred Char Dham

  3. I dipped in the Ganga

9. What couldn’t I accomplish last year?

I couldn't visit Kedarnath Temple due to bad weather, even though it was planned.

10. What were the biggest challenges I faced last year?

  1. Being honest with myself

  2. Maintaining consistency on the decided plan

  3. Managing my financials

11. What is the best thing I have discovered about myself last year?

I've realized that negative self-talk and self-blame are detrimental to my well-being. It's essential to be compassionate and forgive myself periodically.

12. What am I most grateful for last year?

I am grateful for everyone who, knowingly or unknowingly, helped me directly or indirectly.

Changes in areas of my life

1. Personal Life & Family

  • We were blessed with a baby girl and decided to name her Eva

  • Increased trust, integrity, and care in family members

2. Career & Learning

  • Became an iOS Developer

  • Took a step towards starting own company

3. Friends & Community

  • Strengthened the bonds of existing friendships

  • Made new friends (Offline and Online)

  • Joined Swift & SwiftUI community

4. Relaxation, Hobbies & Creativity

  • Developed a habit of reading and writing daily (Deepstash app, books, Notion app, diary)

  • Enhanced my listening skills through the practice of active listening.

  • Improved attention to detail in everything with which I interact.

5. Physical Health & Fitness

  • Gained some weight (Mostly fat)

  • Realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle (Food, Sleep, and Exercise)

6. Mental Wellness

  • Became irregular in chanting

  • Enhanced my mental health through the practice of mindfulness and adopting a non-reactive attitude.

  • Decided to avoid instant gratification

7. Habits

  • Summarizing the day in one sentence (Rate the day using star ratings)

  • Be mindful of my words while speaking

Good things I did last year

  • Started reading more about self-improvement (from books and apps)

  • Started writing about my self-improvement journey (Being Better project)

  • Became honest with myself

  • Became aware of the importance of valuing authenticity over fame

  • Accepted my flaws and the things that I could not change

  • Gained a deeper spiritual understanding

  • Became aware of my financial instability

Mistakes I made last year

  • I took many loans without putting my thoughts

  • I didn’t take control of my spends

  • I found myself adhering to something without clarifying the underlying reasons in my mind

  • I made myself too available to everyone, diminishing the value of my time

  • I chose pleasure over peace

  • I never said no to anyone, even when I wanted to, compromising my ability to set boundaries and protect my physical and mental health.

  • I neglected to prioritize my health

Best Moments from last year

  • The feeling of having my place to live

  • We completed another year of marriage with a deeper understanding

  • I took a road trip with friends and visited Jaipur, Meerut, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, and many other places

  • Blessed with a cute baby girl

  • Took a road trip and visited Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Ujjain

  • I had a fun day at Water Park with my cousins

  • Chanted 16 rounds for two days while distributing the Bhagavad Gita at Ambaji Temple

  • Visited Sun Temple, Modhera along with friends and family

  • Started a WhatsApp Channel “Being Better”


There were instances where I felt guilty even though there was nothing I could do. I would like to forgive myself for those moments.

It was a progressive year! 📈